This program has a wide range of opportunity for skilled employees to reside in Australia and get paid . The applicants can use their skills, educational and language ability full fill the requirements of Citizenship and Immigration Australia and have a permanent Visa.

If you are looking for a carrier in Australia then here the few steps to follow.

  • One of the basic requirement for applying is your age to be less than 45 and you need to have the basic IELTS requirement full filled.
  • If you meet the basic requirements then you will have to either you meet the minimum experience for the nominated occupation.
  • For Engineers are Teachers the IELTS report is important to attach. Being nominated for the mentioned occupation then you should go for IELTS at this stage.
  • If the job category that you are applied is not mentioned in category, you may not be able to qualify for Immigration to Australia. There are other immigration choices as well for which you can apply.
  • Next you need to check the Jobs category under the Australia’s skilled occupations list (SOL), You should check the Migration occupations in demand list (MODL).
  • If you full fill the requirements then you have to do evaluation of your education by department. Assessment department will guide either you qualify for nominated occupation or not as per requirements. Positive skills must be included while applying for Immigration.
  • If the assessment of your occupation is not positive by the department then you have many other options for immigration such as NewZealand, Canada, Denmark, UK and others.
  • At this point if you are nominated for the occupation then next step is to apply for IELTS, if you spouse also apply for the immigration then the basic requirement is IELTS.
  • If you does not meet the minimum passing score then you have other option if you are sponsored by any of your relative for the Immigration to Australia.

Now you can process your request along with fee and other essential documents to the Dept of Citizenship & Immigration.

  • After your application is accepted you and your family members will have to process the medical test & a character certificate. In the end you have to submit your passport to stamp visa from your local Embassy.