Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) recently introduced Express Entry Program in January 2015. This program is really exciting for skilled workers around the globe who wish to Immigrate to Canada. This program has involved many improvements to Canadian immigration, including faster processing times, bigger accessibility to applicants from a broader variety of fields, and a decent focus on the quality of applications. As far as the program is concerned it is very good chance for the person who want to get their family shifted to a country with more opportunities.

An EOI program is a program for immigrating where an applicant can documents his credentials (Including education background, Professional experience, qualifications, etc.) and provides a complete explanation of his interest in working and living in Country for expedited processing. Express Entry Program, is inspired by a similar model originated from New Zealand and has been also recently adopted by Australia. Express Entry will start applying for a job through large central organization, Canada, which will then present the applicant’s Details and Document to smaller organizations, such as Canadian Local Bodies and employers.


In Canada’s Express Entry system, as soon as an application is received it will be added to a pool or database of applicant for review or selection by an interested “selector.” The Express Entry Process can be divided into 5 steps: First of all potential candidates have to create an Express Entry profile through an online platform which will identify their Professional skills and supported qualifications, using the form of an online resume. Profiles of all Express Entry candidates will be ranked and compared to the other applicants in the system on the basis of a number of factors, including the English and French Language Proficiency, their educational background, work experience in Canada (if any), and any other factors that supports the candidate will be a successful citizen in Canada. If an applicant has no job offer from a Canadian employer, the he will be required to get registered with the dedicated Canada Job Bank. The JB is a platform where candidates can send their credentials. After that Canadian employers who are seeking workers can search for an applicant and then who meets their requirements of their position in order to offer them a job. After the profiles in the system has been completely assessed, the candidates who meet the required criteria of a the federal economic program will be selected in the pool of applicants for Express Entry. If the application is selected by an employer through the JB (Job Bank), they will issue the applicant an “Invitation to Apply,” and the applicant will have 60 days to apply for the Permanent Residence. The successful applicant will then apply for PR (Permanent Residence) under the Program called Federal Skilled Worker program (FSW), and Federal Skilled Trade program (FST), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), or through a Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). As the applicant is being issued an “invitation to apply”, the individual will still be required to meet the required criteria of the program for which they are applying. This entire process of applying for PR will be online. After a candidate has received an “Invitation to Apply (ITA)” , The State Department Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has committed for processing these received applications in 6 months or less.


All the applicants for The Express Entry Program will be calculated under a special points system, this points system is much like the previous points system used before for the Federal Skilled Worker Program before this program. Applicants will be ranked on a number of factors, including their current age, educational background, language proficiency both in English as well as French, and work experience in Canada. Candidates can also obtain more points in some categories for their partner, and if there is an arranged employment in Canada or has a nomination from any province.


Under this newly introduced Express Entry program, anyone who consider he/she is eligible for the program can apply. Canada’s previous and most popular immigration program which was introduced for foreign workers without have an offer for a job is the Program Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) eligible for occupation stream. Only a limited number of applicants were able to apply (with a maximum of 1,000 per listed eligible occupation) and they needed to have work experience in one of 50 listed eligible occupations for the last 10 years and have professional career. Moreover, Express Entry does not include the application caps featured in different Canadian immigration programs, also included including the FSW program. So Without a cap on how many of applications will be accepted for processing , how many applicants can apply to Express Entry at any time without coming into the mind that the program may be closed before their application is submitted and completed.


Honest, Current Credentials The exciting Express Entry program will also allow candidates to focus on and present their impressive career credentials in order fit those to same categories into the CIC’s existing framework. This new Express Entry program helps candidates for the creation of a resume that best describes the eligibility for the place. This is a fact that when the applicant has the choice to include a wide range of relevant skills in the profile, they can make sure that their application is the accurate and a good reflection of the deliverable they can make to the Canadian skills market, improving and helping immigration departments understanding of each individual applicant. Focus On Quality, Not on Timing Under the new and enhanced EEP, an unlimited number of candidates will be able to apply and they will be able to qualify because there is no first come and first serve. Also, candidates will be able to be selected on demand basis and as soon as demand increases the opportunities will also be increased. So Under Express Entry, employers who need workers and provinces can choose the candidates on the demand. Recently, candidates who are applying for Canadian immigration who do not have a job offer can know before they apply for, which things are important in order to make sure they must satisfy the immigration process:

  • Satisfying a points requirement
  • Working in a specific occupation
  • Obtaining a minimum score on a standardized language test, etc.
  • According to the new and improved Express Entry system, it appears that candidates will file and submit their credentials to the Canadian State Department, but they have to do only is to find out if they will be able to justify and obtain PR if their application is selected by a Province or employer in Canada. Additionally, under the Express Entry program the thing which is good, it is not expected that candidates have to keep waiting for longer period of time to get their application processed.


If you are planning to apply for Express Entry Program, first of all you need is By looking at Canada’s current immigration requirements, The below are the important requirements:

  • IELTS: Language Proficiency is important for Immigration process. For Immigration you need IELTS General as the Academic IELTS is not applicable here.
  • Credential assessment is also important and you have to prepare all the document and verify these documents from the authorities.
  • Resume and reference letters: Also prepare these documents as you will need it through rest of the process.


Applicants can start preparing their files now and they can take assistance of immigration agent but you can also do it yourself because everything has been mentioned the the official website. Anyone who wants to apply should start obtaining and preparing resume and documenting their credentials because these things really take time and when you start process you have to submit things quickly.